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Pawley's Island Fripp Island Burger Ian Phagan from Pawleys Front Porch

Pawley's Island Fripp Island Burger
Posted: 04/7/2014


2 cups fresh cowpeas

1 cup pineapple

1 tomato

2 bell peppers, diced (red, yellow or green)

2 jalapeños

1 small bunch scallions

1/2 red onion

1 vidalia onion

1 cup champagne vinaigrette

Pawleys Front Porch


1.Boil peas until crisp-tender, drain and set aside to cool.
2.While peas are cooling, dice peppers, onions, tomato, scallions and pineapple.
3.In a large bowl, combine cooled cowpeas and diced fruits and vegetables. 
4.Mix all ingredients together, adding champagne vinaigrette while stirring. Store in a sealed container and refrigerate overnight. 


Cook Time: