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Executive Chef Travis RayleExecutive Chef Travis Rayle from ROSSO Trattoria Italia
Posted: 06/3/2013


Chef Travis Rayle has been cooking and entertaining since he was a boy. "Helping my mother prepare meals for the family was rewarding, expressive and exciting."  Columbia born and bred, his foray into the world of professional restaurants came at the age of eighteen, when he was hired at Mr. Friendly's as a dishwasher and prep cook. Soon after that, he was leading the kitchen at Gracie's in Five Points. After a stint as Sous Chef at The Charleston House in Charlotte, he moved back to Columbia to work at Gervais & Vine. After one year as Sous Chef, he became the Executive Chef of Rosso Trattoria and has led the culinary team there for the past two years. "I guess my favorite thing about my position is being able to take fresh, local ingredients normally tied to Southern food traditions, and using an Italian aesthetic to present them in a rustic, Italian way without losing their unique, Southern qualities." 

ROSSO Trattoria Italia


His philosophy is on food is using fresh, seasonal, quality ingredients that showcase themselves in a way that creates simple and complex flavors at the same time.